30 Aug

COUNCIL MINUTE: Thoughts on Proposed Smoking Ban in Goshen

There was a discussion on a comprehensive smoking ban. The primary arguments in favor are because of the health effects of 2nd hand smoke. I totally oppose this ban as it regulates private spaces. Businesses and other property owners should be allowed to choose whether or not to allow smoking on their premises.

Of course, I believe the city has the right to ban smoking on city run/managed areas. I also believe that the city should ban smoking in such areas.

It is unfortunate that so many forget the lessons of history. I would argue that the Alcohol ban of the 1930s and the war on drugs of the last few decades has had a decisively negative impact on society.

Is smoking good for you and those around you? No.

Are government imposed smoking bans good for you? No.

We must realize that there are broader societal effects when ever we choose to ban anything. In every case, black-markets are formed and the consequences to those black-markets are decidedly negative. Only considering the fact that smoking is bad for health is a tunnel vision approach to building a law.

This post was contributed by Councilman Michael Orgill, Goshen District 3

11 Mar

New Leadership Elected

Congratulations to our newly elected party leadership! Parties throughout the state gathered recently to elect new chairs, vice-chairs, etc.

Newly elected Elkhart County Republican Party leadership. Chairman Dan Holtz, Vice-Chair Courtney Papa, Secretary Debbie Johnson and Treasurer Dick Griffen.

Posted by Elkhart County Republican Party on Saturday, March 4, 2017

05 Sep

Elkhart County GOP Headquarters Hours

September Elkhart County GOP Office Hours

Fridays: 9 AM – 11:30 AM

Mondays: 9 AM – 2 PM

Wednesdays: 5 PM – 7 PM

Phone banking is scheduled on all Thursdays this month. Please contact us for more information.

23 Jul

Visit Us At the Elkhart County 4-H Fair!

Our booth in the Commercial Buildings at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair is once again in Building E. Be sure to come out and visit with us and receive information on Republican candidates.

The Elkhart County GOP and Republican candidates will be well represented in the Fair Parade on Sunday. Our spot for the parade is number 92. The float will be at the front of Linway Plaza by 11:15. Candidates, if you want a sign on the float have it there by 12 & bring zip ties. Come on out and show your support by walking or riding with us!

23 Apr

Your Primary Vote Matters!

Make Your Conservative Voice Heard – Find Your Vote Center!

It may sound like a cliché, but your vote truly matters! Recently polling shows a tight race in the Indiana Presidential Republican Primary. On the important local level, many times a small handful of votes can decide an election and the eventual make up of local and regional government. With only a few days left in the campaign up to the primary remember that your vote counts! Here is a list of the vote centers that will be open here in Elkhart County during the May 3rd Primary Election via the Elkhart County Clerk’s Office.

Elkhart Locations (12)*

  • Trinity United Methodist Church, 2715 E Jackson St, Elkhart
  • St James AME Church, 122 Dr Martin Luther King Dr, Elkhart (on Green/Red/Orange trolley routes)
  • River of Life Community Church, 2626 Prairie St, Elkhart (on Green/Orange trolley routes)
  • NEW LOCATION Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, 3300 Benham Ave, Elkhart (on Green trolley route)
  • Calvary United Methodist Church, 2222 W Indiana Ave, Elkhart (on Green trolley route)
  • New Hope United Methodist Church, 28765 CR 4, Elkhart
  • Tolson Center, 1320 Benham Ave, Elkhart (on Red trolley route)
  • Northside Gym, 300 Lawrence St, Elkhart (on Blue trolley route)
  • Jimtown High School Gym, 59021 County Road 3, Elkhart, IN 46517
  • Osolo Township Fire Station, 24936 Buddy St., Elkhart, IN 46514 (on Blue trolley route)
  • Granger Community Church, Elkhart Campus – 2701 E. Bristol St., Elkhart, IN 46514
  •  FOP #52 – 1003 Industrial Parkway, Elkhart, IN 46516 (on Orange trolley route)

Goshen Locations (7)*

  • Grace Community Church, 20076 XCR 36, Goshen
  • NEW LOCATION Sugar Grove Church, 58512 Old CR 17, Goshen
  • Maple City Chapel, 2015 Lincolnway E, Goshen (on Red trolley route)
  • Salvation Army, 1013 N Main, Goshen
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, 202 S Greene Rd, Goshen
  • Greencroft Senior Center, 1721 Greencroft Blvd, Goshen (on Red trolley route)
  • Pleasant View Mennonite Church, 58529 CR 23, Goshen

Dunlap Locations (1)

  • Elkhart County Public Services Bldg, 4230 Elkhart Rd, Goshen (on Red trolley route)

New Paris Locations (1)

  • New Paris Missionary Church, 67621 SR 15, New Paris

Millersburg Locations (1)

  • Millersburg Fire Station, 500 Carriage Ln, Millersburg

Middlebury Locations (1)

  • Middlebury Town Hall, 418 N Main St, Middlebury

Nappanee Locations (1)

  • First Brethren Church, 1600 N Main St, Nappanee

Wakarusa Locations (1)

  • Bible Baptist Church, 205 E Waterford St, Wakarusa

Bristol Locations (2)

  • Bristol United Methodist Church, 201 S Division St, Bristol
  • First Baptist Church, 53953 CR 17, Bristol

*NOTE:  Calvary Assembly of God Church in Elkhart and Faith United Methodist Church in Goshen are no longer vote center locations.  We thank them for their years of service to the voters of Elkhart County!

Make sure to vote in the May 3rd Republican Primary!

28 Mar

Dyngus Day Marks Unofficial Beginning of Campaign Season

ELKHART — Politicians from around the state came out to celebrate Dyngus Day on Monday, and food and conversation made sure everybody went home with smiles on their faces.

Known as the unofficial start of the campaign season, the celebration featured traditional Polish food, including kielbasa, sauerkraut, pierogies, sweet-and-sour noodles and pickled eggs, as well as a chance for area residents to meet candidates.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski were the headliners of the event — held at the Knights of Columbus in downtown Elkhart — but quite a few local candidates also made it out to talk with those gathered.

“I love the friendship and the camaraderie you experience when you come to this celebration,” said Michael Christofeno, a candidate forElkhart Circuit Court judge. “You get to see people that you haven’t seen in awhile and you even get to meet some new people.”

Read the rest of Ben Quiggle’s article here!

26 Mar

Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese Gives State of the City Address

ELKHART — With nearly three months in office, a series of town hall meetings under his belt and a number of initiatives underway, Mayor Tim Neese says people want change.

“Whether it is a pothole, a street light that does not stay green long enough or simply a lack of things to do, it is clear that the residents of this city have a lot they would like to see done differently,” he said in his first State of the City address, delivered Wednesday at the Lerner Theatre.

In that context, he offered his vision, saying he’ll push for an emphasis on closer police-community relations, try to revive downtown go-kart races and move to rescind obsolete city ordinances, among other things.

“I am a believer that one cannot legislate human behavior,” Neese said. Once the review of city laws is complete “and we are left with only those ordinances that are absolutely necessary, I hope that individuals will continue to take pride in their community.”        

Neese, a Republican, soundly defeated two-term Mayor Dick Moore, a Democrat, in November and took office Jan. 1. So far, he’s resolved one of two simmering annexation disputes, called for input on whether to retain angled parking on Main Street in downtown Elkhart and called into question the city’s snow-shoveling ordinance.

Read the rest of Tim Vandenack’s article here!

22 Mar

2016 Elkhart County Lincoln Day Dinner

Join us for the 2016 Elkhart County Lincoln Day Dinner! Tickets are going fast to reserve your seats today! This year’s dinner will be held at the beautiful Spohn Ballroom in Goshen!


31 Aug

Meet the Candidates: Adam M Bujalski for Elkhart City Council at Large

Meet the Candidates: Adam M Bujalski for Elkhart City Council at Large

Current County Republican Vice-Chair
US Army Veteran
Memberships include:
Disabled American Veterans
Loyal Order of the Moose
Knights of Columbus
Boy Scouts of America

Volunteers with:
St Thomas ushers
Knights of Columbus
Boy Scouts of America
Past Osolo Little League Treasurer

B.S. in Business Management from Indiana Institute of Technology
Wife Reana, two sons Aidan and John
Member, Saint Thomas the Apostle

What inspired you to seek elected office?
Being tired of partisan gridlock and the mismanagement of taxpayers dollars.

Why do you believe you are the best choice for the voters?
As I have shown over the past 5 years that I have been politcally involved, I believe I am the best choice to show true bipartisanship on the council. If elected I would be representing all citizens of Elkhart not just those that agree with me.

The annexation issue has come up as an important issue for many. How would you have dealt with the issue?
I believe that the residents should have a say, people choose to move into a local for a variety of reasons and before a decisions such as annexation is decided we need to have real open and honest conversation with all parties involved.

There seems to be some type of disconnect between city government and the people, both within the city limits and the rest of the county. How would you work to improve that relationship?
If elected I will hold a series of meetings every year inviting all to attend to listen and come up with solutions. One annual meeting in particular will be with businesses owners who don’t live in the city (non-voting) yet make up a majority of our tax payers. I will also work with county elected officials to work together on projects that will benefit both and save money with teamwork.

Why did you choose the Republican Party?
I chose the Republican party because of the parties belief in personal responsibility and minimal government involvement.

How do you see your role when it comes to your oath of office and the constitution?
I took an oath to defend the constitution when I entered the Military and that oath will never expire.


31 Aug

Meet the Candidates: Phil Jenkins, Nappanee Mayor

Meet the Candidates: Phil Jenkins for Nappanee Mayor.

Civic Experience in Nappanee

1986 – City Sanitation – Picked up trash in dowtown alleys and west industrial park
1991 – Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning, Community Based Projects, Charette Workshop
1996 – Bonar Group, Nappanee Comprehensive Master Plan (Transportation Committee)
1997-2003 – Nappanee City Council
2000-2001 Nappanee Leadership Academy
2004-present – Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety
2007-present – Northwood Soccer Club – Board Member
2011-present – NWSC President
2011-2014 – Northwood 15th Home Owner’s Association – President (more…)