Recent research by shows that one out of six email subscriptions may end up being filtered by an email service to your spam folder.

Recent research shows that one out of six legitimate e-mail subscriptions accidentally ends up being filtered by email domains to  a spam or junk folder.

Popularity can have its downsides along with its benefits. As more people join Elkhart County’s Republican party and subscribe to Elkhart County Party Matters’ newsletter, the resulting increased traffic has occasionally caused some e-mail domains to send our Party Matters’ newsletter into spam or junk folders.

Fortunately you don’t have to go through a mountain of spam every week to keep up with Elkhart County Republican group events or news. The problem is easy to fix. Check your spam folder for Elkhart County GOP’s weekly newsletter, click your e-mail server’s “not spam” or “send to inbox” option, then add Elkhart County GOP, to your contact list.

If would like to become a member of the Elkhart County Party or are interested in receiving our Elkhart County GOP Party Matters’ newsletter please contact us at