Meet the Candidates: Adam M Bujalski for Elkhart City Council at Large

Current County Republican Vice-Chair
US Army Veteran
Memberships include:
Disabled American Veterans
Loyal Order of the Moose
Knights of Columbus
Boy Scouts of America

Volunteers with:
St Thomas ushers
Knights of Columbus
Boy Scouts of America
Past Osolo Little League Treasurer

B.S. in Business Management from Indiana Institute of Technology
Wife Reana, two sons Aidan and John
Member, Saint Thomas the Apostle

What inspired you to seek elected office?
Being tired of partisan gridlock and the mismanagement of taxpayers dollars.

Why do you believe you are the best choice for the voters?
As I have shown over the past 5 years that I have been politcally involved, I believe I am the best choice to show true bipartisanship on the council. If elected I would be representing all citizens of Elkhart not just those that agree with me.

The annexation issue has come up as an important issue for many. How would you have dealt with the issue?
I believe that the residents should have a say, people choose to move into a local for a variety of reasons and before a decisions such as annexation is decided we need to have real open and honest conversation with all parties involved.

There seems to be some type of disconnect between city government and the people, both within the city limits and the rest of the county. How would you work to improve that relationship?
If elected I will hold a series of meetings every year inviting all to attend to listen and come up with solutions. One annual meeting in particular will be with businesses owners who don’t live in the city (non-voting) yet make up a majority of our tax payers. I will also work with county elected officials to work together on projects that will benefit both and save money with teamwork.

Why did you choose the Republican Party?
I chose the Republican party because of the parties belief in personal responsibility and minimal government involvement.

How do you see your role when it comes to your oath of office and the constitution?
I took an oath to defend the constitution when I entered the Military and that oath will never expire.